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Core Services


Please see our core services. If you are thinking of something more bespoke, please let us know.


Personal Training




MC / Motivational Speaking

Keith brings all three elements to his speaking

Empathy, Energy and Inspiration.

He can balance the narrative between personal fitness and professional performance, wellness and values. 

His skill is bringing a crowd together and bringing energy. He can connect people with the "why" to begin the creation of good habits to help lead to embracing the opportunities that matter. Keith's approach is finding the motivators to get commitment and follow up action to achieve goals.  At a major endurance event, Keith can look through the lens of the athlete and connect and influence a positive vibe with the experience of his challenges and admiration and love of people who do participate in sports.

  • Major Events Hosting / Speaking / Interviews

  • Endurance Event Hosting/ MC

  • Sales Kick-Offs

  • Company All Hands

  • Team Meetings

  • Galas and Balls

  • Awards Ceremonies



1-1 Personal Training and Coaching

We offer services that provide entirely focused Personal Training and Fitness programs. Your program would be fully bespoke to your current health and fitness and desired future goal. We can work with you on a fully remote option if needed. Your health and fitness program would be custom built and within an app which would include full videos and details of all exercises and sessions.

Our unique speciality is Hybrid Training where we work on Strength & Conditioning and Endurance Athletes.

We believe building new good habits and achieving your first stage goals takes a minimum of three months. Therefore our programmes are blocks of three months. The way we structure our services are as follows

  • Free initial call

  • Consultation (learn about you)

  • A highly personalised program built based on consultation

    • We work on a minimum of 3 months of program blocks​ to ensure we work through stages of preparation, action, maintenance and any relapses.​

  • All sessions, nutrition, measurement and accountability within personalised app.​

  • Special "AT38" Hoodie upon completion and achievement of your 3month goals.



Organisations & Charities

For charities looking to get their fundraisers to the start and finish-line, raising more money, or organisations that are looking to invest in building business performance and motivation by developing their high potential employees with healthy bodies, strong mindsets and consistent performances. Our approach and services include

  • Initial consultation on the key objectives and desired results

  • Scope, project plan and goals created and agreed

  • Execution on group In-person or virtual coaching sessions & speaking.

  • Virtual status reviews delivered to coached groups

  • All staff meetings presentations


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Let's Work Together

We would love to learn more about your goals and how we can support you in achieving them.

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